What are Finets?

Finets are group of individuals coming together to achieve their financial aspirations by unlocking the implicit trust in their social networks.

Finets are self funding circles with each member acting as both a contributor and beneficiary.


Working with other individuals in a group fosters discipline that guarantees savings success

Social Trust Quotient

Finets are built on the premise that the real world social trust can be persisted and managed in the digital world. Blockchain gives strangers a way of addressing trust.


Distributed Technology provides transparency in money transfer, immutability of obligations and trust in the eco system

Download the app from the Play Store or the App Store and sign up as a new user.

Create a Finet or Join an existing one

Anyone can float and invite participants as long as he publishes Program Value, Group Strenth, Period and invites a bunch of participants on the network.

How to win?

You can win either through a lottery or a bid.

Take a look at the FINETs App

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